Below are links to the funding opportunities that APHL has available for interested members, vendors or bidders. Each link includes an overview of the project, eligibility requirements, application details and timeline for submission, as well as a further link to the actual RFP documentation. The links also contain a section where interested parties may submit questions regarding a specific RFP and where responses from or on behalf of APHL will be posted.

Once the application period is closed, the general summary will remain visible but the link to the RFP and the questions and answers will no longer be available. We will publish the name of the winning applicant(s), or a tabulation of the overall bids, on the links to the addeclosed funding opportunities.


Electronic Notification to Improve Surveillance and Quality of Newborn Screening Pre-analytic Processes


Accounting - Financial Management System - Awardee: Intellitec Solutions, LLC

Electronic Notification to Improve Surveillance and Quality of Newborn Screening Pre-analytic Processes - Awardee: Indiana State Department of Health Genomics and Newborn Screening Program

Environmental Health Regional Meeting - Awardee: Utah Public Health Laboratory

Establishment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Reference Centers Awardees: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services-Microbiology Section-Bureau of Laboratories; New York State Department of Health-Wadsworth Center; California Department of Public Health-Microbial Diseases Laboratory; State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa; Ohio Department of Health Laboratory

Expanded Access to Interferon Gamma Release Assays (IGRA) Awardees: DeKalb County Board of Health; Fairfax County Health Department Laboratory; Florida Department of Health-Bureau of Public Health Laboratories; Georgia Department of Public Health TB Program with the Georgia Public Health Laboratory; Kings County Department of Public Health; Los Angeles County Department of Public Health; Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness; Mississippi Public Health Laboratory; Orange County Public Health Laboratory with Orange County TB Control; South Dakota Public Health Laboratory; Southern Nevada Public Health Laboratory

Informatics - Cloud Based Electronic Test Order and Result - Awardee: IConnect Consulting

Informatics - Professional Instructional Design Services - Awardee: Deloitte Consulting LLC

Informatics Technical Assistance and Services

National Influenza Surveillance Reference Center - Awardees: California Department of Public Health, Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory; New York State Department of Health, Laboratory of Viral Diseases at the Wadsworth Center; Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

PulseNet Support - Awardee: Deborah Sheehan


APHL has established an RFP Appeal Procedure that allows for venders/prospective venders to lodge a formal appeal concerning alleged improprieties or irregularities during the procurement process. Vendors or prospective vendors may submit an appeal at any time during the procurement process on a specific RFP, but they must do so no later than five days after APHL posts the winning bidder on that RFP or the overall bid tabulation on this site (

Any appeal must be submitted to APHL’s General Counsel via email or via overnight delivery to APHL’s headquarters office in Silver Spring, Maryland.  General Counsel will conduct an initial assessment and review of all appeals. If an appeal provides sufficient and credible detail on alleged irregularities or improprieties, General Counsel will have the authority to determine whether to forward that appeal on to APHL’s Operations group (composed of the Executive Director, the Chief Operating Officer, all Senior Directors and the Director of Human Resources) or to engage one or more independent third parties to investigate the allegations. The decisions as to whether an appeal provides sufficient detail and whether to engage outside investigative resources are final and not subject to further right of appeal.

In the event that APHL conducts an internal investigation into an appeal, the Operations group will be charged with providing an objective and unbiased independent review of the appeal and its allegations.  If one or more members of this group have a potential or perceived conflict of interest, those members will not participate in the internal investigation. The members of the Operations group free of a conflict of interest will then formulate a recommended course of action – which may range from no action to a complete re-compete of the RFP – and will provide supporting evidence to General Counsel as soon as is reasonably practicable or possible after receiving the appeal.

If APHL engages third parties to investigate the allegations raised by an appeal, General Counsel will be responsible for coordinating the investigators’ access to needed materials and personnel and will provide the Operations group with updates as needed or appropriate. Once the investigation is complete, the outside investigators will deliver a summary report of their findings and will provide a recommended course of action and at least one alternative course of action to General Counsel. General Counsel, in turn, will send the report to the Operations group and will work with group members to reach consensus on which course of action to pursue.