APHL’s Emerging Leader Program is a 12-month leadership development program for public health laboratorians. Each cohort class collaborates on a distance-based project and enhances their skill set by taking seminars in topics such as LEAN, change management, meeting facilitation and more. Learn more about the program, including application requirements and deadlines for our 2016-2017 cohort class. 

Previous Cohort Projects:

That's Sick
THAT’S SICK is a virtual open house designed to introduce students to the exciting careers in public health laboratory science.

Public Health Laboratory Awareness Toolkit 
Board games, PowerPoint Presentations and press release samples that will get people talking about public health laboratories.

Electronic Laboratory Employee Enrichment Toolkit
Improve your retention rates in your laboratory with these tools created by Cohort 3.

Public Health Laboratory 101 
An interactive online course that introduces new audiences to the field of public health and the public health laboratory.