• National Biomonitoring Plan

    National Biomonitoring Plan

    We need to know about chemicals we can be exposed to in different environments. APHL can help. More.
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Biomonitoring, Integral to Public Healthhttp://redesign.dev.aphl.org/aboutAPHL/publications/Documents/EH_2013July_Why-Biomonitoring-is-an-Integral-Component-of-Public-Health-Practice.pdfBiomonitoring, Integral to Public HealthA look at uses of biomonitoring, or the assessment of individual or population exposure to contaminants, by state health departments and how biomonitoring can become an integral part of environmental and public health practice.
Environmental Labs and Indoor Air Testinghttp://redesign.dev.aphl.org/aboutAPHL/publications/Documents/EH_IndoorAirTesting_32015.pdfEnvironmental Labs and Indoor Air TestingA primer that addresses the basics about testing for indoor residential air pollutants: common contaminants, testing methods, cost, and resources needed to start or expand a testing program.
Nanotechnology and Environmental Health Labshttp://redesign.dev.aphl.org/aboutAPHL/publications/Documents/EH_NanotechnologyWhitePaper_42015.pdfNanotechnology and Environmental Health LabsA white paper that provides an introduction to nanotechnology, exploring such topics as toxicity, laboratory methods, exposure, and regulations, for public and environmental health laboratorians and professionals.

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