A true biomonitoring network stems from a community of practice. Public health practitioners are encouraged to use this site to engage public health laboratories practicing biomonitoring.

Why a Biomonitoring Capabilities List?

Have you ever thought that biomonitoring might answer an environmental health question in your jurisdiction but didn’t know where to turn for help? This site aims to fill that need with information compiled from APHL member laboratories. Use the selections below to search for biomonitoring capabilities of laboratories across the country.

Looking for another lab to collaborate with on a specific Matrix Type and Analyte? Or curious what other analytes are tested with the same Instrument Platform? Select the appropriate search terms below to find your match. You can filter by one selection or stack your search terms together for a more specific search result.

This search is progressive, so as you select additional items, the selections continue to build. This should make it easy to find a lab who tests Blood for Lead using AAS. Refer to the Search Legend Key as needed.

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Biomonitoring Lab Profiles

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expand Laboratory : Alaska State Public Health Laboratory ‎(4)
expand Laboratory : Arizona Department of Health Services Public Health Laboratory ‎(2)
expand Laboratory : California Department of Toxic Substances Control, Environmental Chemistry Branch ‎(1)
expand Laboratory : California Dept of Public Health, Biochemistry Section, EHLB ‎(3)
expand Laboratory : Delaware Public Health Laboratory ‎(6)
expand Laboratory : District of Columbia Public Health Laboratory ‎(5)
expand Laboratory : Georgia Public Health Laboratory ‎(2)
expand Laboratory : Maryland Laboratories Administration ‎(3)
expand Laboratory : Michigan Department of Community Health Bureau of Laboratories ‎(9)
expand Laboratory : Minnesota Department of Health Public Health Laboratory ‎(11)
expand Laboratory : Missouri State Public Health Laboratory ‎(2)
expand Laboratory : New Hampshire Public Health Laboratories ‎(1)
expand Laboratory : New Mexico Scientific Laboratory Division ‎(4)
expand Laboratory : North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health ‎(4)
expand Laboratory : Rhode Island State Health Laboratories ‎(5)
expand Laboratory : State Hygienic Laboratory at The University of Iowa ‎(3)
expand Laboratory : State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Public Health and Environmental Laboratories ‎(1)
expand Laboratory : Utah Public Health Laboratory ‎(8)
expand Laboratory : Wadsworth Center ‎(2)
expand Laboratory : Washington State Public Health Laboratories ‎(3)
expand Laboratory : Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene ‎(5)

DISCLAIMER: Thank you for visiting our site. Please note that not every laboratory has updated their profile as of yet. There may be more states with certain capabilities than appear in the search. If you can’t find a particular metabolite or test, please contact EH@aphl.org.  

Please note this site is only available to APHL members, public health practitioners and academics. Laboratory profiles can only be modified with the state login provided or by contacting EH@aphl.org.