​​APHL publishes laboratory practice guides, training manuals, and materials to support development of laboratory plans, policies and infrastructure. The selections below can be of use to international organizations and ministries of health. Please check this page periodically for new additions.​

Developed for PEPFAR, this multi-part document contains planning and implementation information, several examples and a laboratory assessment tool.
Created in collaboration with the US CDC and WHO, this 70-page document makes the case for the importance of a strategic plan and serves as a guidance tool for process. It includes a proposed roadmap and tables, checklists and resources.
Effective tuberculosis control requires accurate and reliable direct acid fast bacilli microscopy testing. CDC and APHL coordinated a workgroup of diverse experts for this manual on laboratory services quality assessment for the National Tuberculosis Program.
Framework for Development of HIV Related POCT QA Policy Implementation and Quality: Ensuring Reliable and Accurate Patient Results Consultative Meeting June 23-25, 2015 Dar es Salaam Ralph Timperi, APHL ralph.timperi@aphl.org
AFB microscopy laboratories require adequate ventilation to minimize the occupational risk of infection. However, this is difficult to achieve in many settings where facilities have limited airflow. This guide provides specifications for the manufacture of a validated ventilated workstation.
This document highlights the key successes of the APHL/CDC PEPFAR cooperative agreement