Recent events have raised public awareness of the emergence of drug-resistant tuberculosis as a threat not only globally, but also domestically.

In response, APHL and CDC convened a group of experts including Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute and World Health Organization representatives, clinicians, TB controllers, public health, clinical and commercial laboratorians in a December 2007 consultation to discuss strategies for the improvement of drug susceptibility testing in efforts to control multiple and extensively drug resistant strains of TB. The information from this consultation was compiled into a report to develop new standards of drug-susceptibility testing, provide guidance for strategies to assure the availability of rapid and accurate testing, identify and prioritize areas where research is needed and strategize methods of implementation of new procedures and algorithms. The document will also be useful as a legislative advocacy tool to indicate the need of increased funding for TB laboratory services as a method of ensuring public health and safety against an emerging threat.

Tuberculosis Drug Susceptibility Testing Report