​To assist public health laboratories, public health agencies and other partners to reach their goals for interoperable data exchange, the APHL Informatics Program has implemented a Technical Assistance Team (TA) approach. This broad-based, integrated approach to delivery of technical assistance is available to members and partners in the US and globally. Services are provided onsite, virtually or as a hybrid approach.

Our team helps partners to strengthen public health systems, establish enhanced surveillance, upgrade infrastructure and deliver projects successfully. We offer assistance in areas from project management and business analysis to data standards, terminology, technical architecture design and assessment, and workflow analysis.

TA is available for implementations as well as for long-term maintenance issues. The TA team works closely with staff managing the APHL Informatics Messaging Services (AIMS) platform to support data exchanges and share tools and resources with new messaging partners and data streams.

The TA Team offers: 

  • Project management and business analysis: Identifying needed resources, risks, and dependences for electronic messaging
  • Data standards expertise: Working closely with laboratorians, SME staff and IT administrators to harmonize testing and resulting terminology to incorporate nationally recognized electronic data standards into the LIMS workflow
  • Technical architectural expertise: Implementing technical solutions that address data exchange needs regardless of the LIMS product, integration broker or data warehouse.
  • Assistance with workflow analysis: Helping laboratory and epidemiology SMEs understand how, when and why to use standard codes like LOINC and SNOMED

For information, contact Linda Cohen, manager, Technical Assistance and Standards, linda.cohen@aphl.org.