APHL sponsors education and training programs in multiple formats to accommodate the demanding schedules of professionals in biochemical genetic testing and newborn screening. Webinars and workshops – presented live and then archived -- examine screening platforms and methodologies, clinical aspects of newborn screening disorders and related policy issues, among other topics.

 As of 2016, all APHL newborn screening and genetics testing workshops and webinars offer continuing education credits.

The following materials from APHL newborn screening and genetics webinars and workshops are provided free for your review. Please contact Laura Russell, specialist, Newborn Screening & Genetics, laura.russell@aphl.org, 240.485.2703, for assistance with training materials and programs.

2012 MMWR: Good Lab Practices for Biochemical Genetic Testing and Newborn Screening for Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Laboratory professionals working in biochemical genetic testing or newborn screening laboratories who are looking for CE opportunities are encouraged to read the 2012 MMWR Recommendation and Reports: Good Laboratory Practices for Biochemical Genetic Testing and Newborn Screening for Inherited Metabolic Disorders and take a post-test to document knowledge gained and earn CEs.

The document can be used to prepare for an upcoming accreditation or laboratory certification inspection, strengthen a laboratory's quality improvement program, and assist in developing a competency testing plan for staff. For more information, go to www.cdc.gov/TCEOnline and search for course number “WB2010.” 

National Conversation on Newborn Screening Research and Informed Consent Meeting Materials

2015 APHL Newborn Screening Research and Informed Consent Meeting 

Methods to Detect Pompe and Other Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs) Workshop Materials

2015 APHL Pompe and LSDs Workshop

Quality Systems and Newborn Screening Webinar Materials

Applying Quality Standards to Genetic Testing
Biochemical Genetic Test Establishment and Verification

Public Health Impact Assessment Webinar Materials

2015 Informational Webinar for X-ALD Public Health Impact Survey
2014 Informational Webinar for MPS-1 Public Health Impact Survey

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Training Materials

2016 APHL X-ALD 101- Clinical Aspects and Screening Methods Webinar
2014 APHL Pompe Disease 101 - Clinical Aspects and Screening Methods Webinar 2011 APHL SCID Webinar Series
2007 APHL Cystic Fibrosis Testing Webinar
2005 APHL Unsatisfactory Samples Webinar

Molecular Training Materials

2015 APHL Molecular Training Workshop     

2013 APHL Molecular Resources Webinar

Tandem Mass Spectrometry Training Materials

2015 National Conversation: Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Newborn Screening Conference
2012 APHL NBS by Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) Webinar
2004 MS/MS Quality Assurance Webinar