Through the Institutional Research Program, APHL develops and maintains resources to deliver critical data and information concerning public health laboratories to member laboratories, partner organizations and others with an interest in the field. Some resources are available to APHL member laboratories only, as indicated below.

Survey Reports

This report provides an overview of data and information collected by 2015 APHL surveys on Workforce, All-Hazards and Comprehensive Laboratory Services.  Survey Highlights.

Data Visualization

Members may access selected survey data points as interactive visual dashboards. The interactive display of data points gathered from the surveys will provide members with visual interpretations of data on a variety of topics including public health laboratory testing capabilities, emergency preparedness funding and next generation sequencing capabilities, among other matters of interest. Data visualization allows users to interact with the data, select a data point of interest, see an overall picture and determine patterns that would have been difficult to detect by looking at Excel spreadsheets or pie charts. The program has developed several data dashboards using longitudinal survey data and more are under development. Some examples can be seen below.

The eighth annual All-Hazards Laboratory Preparedness Survey in 2014 assessed public health laboratories’ capability and capacity to respond to biological, chemical, radiological and other threats, such as pandemic influenza.

APHL’s Laboratory System Improvement Program advances the efficacy of public health laboratory systems through a guided process of performance evaluation, system improvements and periodic evaluation and reassessment.

Next Generation Sequencing Survey: The 2014 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in Public Health Laboratories Survey assessed current capacity for NGS testing and data analysis at state and local PHLs. 

Member Resources

Member Resource Center (MRC) 

Portal provides a central repository for documents of interest to the public health laboratory community. Users can both submit and retrieve files. The MRC offers resources on procedures, lab management, training methods, best practices in hiring, public health research, external communications and more.


Survey Resource Center (SRC)

Web-based platform provides access to APHL’s survey database allowing members to review survey data for multiple purposes including education, outreach and sharing services. Please note that only laboratory directors and their assignees have access to this site.


Laboratory Profiles

Online private library offers a collection of laboratory profiles that provide a snapshot of critical information on member state, local, environmental and agricultural laboratories across the country. Please note that only laboratory directors and their assignees have access to this site.


Public Health Laboratory Systems Database (PHLSD)

Web-based application is available only to members through the APHL SharePoint site. It enables member public health laboratories to manage and update their own personnel, regulatory requirements test and instrument data. The PHLSD will be launched in early 2016. Please note that only laboratory directors and their assignees have access to this site.​