NLTN Public Health Webinars

The NLTN Public Health Webinar Series offers intermediate-level material of interest to public health laboratorians. Registration is FREE.

2016 - Event Title, Event Number, Date, Speaker
The Use of Next Generation Sequencingto Identify Foodborne Diseases, 510-200-16, 3/9/2016, John Besser
Diagnosis of Free-Living Ameba Infections, 510-201-16, 4/28/2016, Jennifer Cope
CLIA and Individualized Quality Control Plans, 510-202-16 5/11/2016, Ann Snyder   
Review of Current and Future Diagnostics for Tick-borne Borrelioses, 510-203-16, 6/1/2016, Martin Schriefer   

Title TBD (Topic: TBD), 510-204-16, 10/12/2016, Speaker TBD
Title TBD (Topic: TBD), 510-205-16, 11/9/2016, Speaker TBD
Title TBD (Topic: TBD), 510-206-16, 12/14/2016, Speaker TBD

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