The APHL Member Resource Center offers a collection of documents created and reviewed by APHL and peers in the public health laboratory field.  It gives members ready access to shared practices, communications tools, protocols, state newsletters and more. 

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The APHL Member Resource Center (MRC) offers resources to strengthen the operations of governmental health laboratories of all types.

Access to Site

The MRC is open to both APHL members and nonmembers. Nonmembers may access MRC resources by creating a user account. Some MRC content is available to members only.

MRC resources are vetted but not necessarily endorsed by APHL.

​How to Search

Search by keyword or filter results by category, topic or location/agency. Users can filter by multiple parameters simultaneously. Not all multi-perimeter searches will return results. Consult the MRC glossary for descriptions of categories, topics and locations/government agencies.

For best results, use broad terms when searching by keyword. Search terms must match MRC metadata exactly to render a result. A search for “CLIA” will not pull a document tagged “Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments” or vice versa.

Add to the MRC

The MRC grows in value as resources are added. Please enrich our community by submitting materials related to public health laboratory science, practice or operations below. Both members and nonmembers may contribute resources.