APHL Emerging Leader Program graduates automatically become members of NOLLA, the Network of Laboratory Leadership Alumni, upon completion of the program. NOLLA ensures that the benefits of the Emerging Leader Program – networking, professional development opportunities and access to laboratory leadership professionals – don’t end with the completion of the Emerging Leader project.

NOLLA’s Mission

NOLLA aims to foster the relationships formed during the Emerging Leader Program and encourage future collaborations on workforce development issues. Members develop marketing strategies for previous cohort projects, coordinate forums on hot topics in public health lab leadership and management and serve as mentors for current emerging leaders.

Get Involved in NOLLA

While NOLLA membership is only available to former emerging leaders, the alumni group routinely collaborates with other APHL members and public health partners to further workforce development initiatives.

NOLLA Activities

Currently NOLLA is engaged in multiple activities. They include:

  • Establishing an online PhD Biological Science Program 
  • Updating and maintaining the thatssick.org website
  • Marketing previous Emerging Leader projects
  • Improving lab-epi communications
  • Implementation of Public Health Competencies 
  • Characterization and capacity assessment of the public health laboratory workforce

For more information, contact NCPHLL Manager Kajari Shah at Kajari.shah@aphl.org.