​APHL and CDC developed the Informatics Self-Assessment Tool to identify the informatics capabilities and needs of the public health community. Laboratory professionals can use the results of the self-assessment to gauge informatics capabilities and gaps, prioritize the use of existing resources, and to document and communicate informatics priorities to policy makers. Initially launched in 2009, the tool is now available as a web-based application.

Laboratory informatics is a key focus of the Informatics Self-Assessment Tool. APHL and CDC's Division of Laboratory Systems in the Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services co-sponsored this application. It is intended to support public health laboratories now operating under severe fiscal and human resource pressures.

How to Use the Tool

Laboratories can use the tool to assess their capabilities as often as needed to acquire an overview of their operations. The tool provides a suite of data visualization tools to help users compare and analyze assessment data in multiple ways and at levels ranging from national to organizational.

To access the web-based Informatics Self-Assessment Tool, request a login credential from michelle.meigs@aphl.org and download the user manual. If you are a laboratory director, you have been set up in the system with administration rights. You will need to to access the system.

We suggest going through the PDF version of the tool prior to submitting your answers in the online application.

To register your laboratory and obtain login credentials or assistance, contact  michelle.meigs@aphl.org.