David Mills and Uganda Central Public Health Laboratories staff          
"The international projects re-energize me and rekindle my enthusiasm for my career as a scientist in public service. After each experience, I return to my lab able to do my job better."              

David Mills, PhD, Director, Scientific Laboratory Division, New Mexico Department of Health

Volunteers with APHL Global Health tell us they appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with innovative leaders and to train motivated laboratorians in new knowledge and skills. 

APHL volunteers bring home ideas and practices for working with limited resources as part of a larger global system. These are the skills needed to operate effectively in under-funded public health systems. 

But the rewards of working with APHL Global Health go beyond the practical. Volunteers see the effects of their work first-hand. They connect with the ultimate mission of public health labs — helping to save lives.

If this sounds like an experience that would enrich your life and career, APHL Global Health would like to meet you. We offer short, medium or long-term consultancies for two weeks to 12 months — in Africa, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. Fluency in Portuguese or French is desirable. 

Our areas of greatest need include:

  • Management
  • Technical training
  • Mentoring
  • Assessment
  • Requirements determination
  • Technology transfer
  • Quality systems documentation development


"An inspiring stay in South Sudan"
APHL’s Global Health Program Director, Lucy Maryogo-Robinson, reflects on her work in South Sudan, in this post from the APHL blog.

Contact Lucy Maryogo-Robinson, director, Global Health Program, for more information: