The CDC-APHL Influenza Virologic Surveillance Right Size project was launched in 2010 to systematically define the rationale, vital capabilities, and optimal "right size" for influenza virologic surveillance. This website provides the resulting Roadmap and other valuable information and tools.


Influenza Virologic Surveillance Roadmap - Full Document PDF
The Roadmap consolidates requirements for all components of virologic surveillance in one document, and provides tools to assess and improve the precision of the system to support disease surveillance, response and control efforts and policy decisions. Use this link to download the entire roadmap including appendices.

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Using Alternative Data for Influenza Virologic Surveillance

Right Size Example Practices, Resources and Tools

Right Size Roadmap Implementation Checklists (PDF Version)

Right Size Roadmap Implementation Checklists (Excel Version) (must have website login credentials, or contact
Note: The Excel version has more space for notes and allows the user to modify implementation status options.

Individual Roadmap Sections

For printing and easy reference the roadmap sections are separated into individual, printable documents below. Although some sections may seem more relevant to program or laboratory functions, collaboration to implement these guidelines will be more successful if there is broad understanding of each partner’s role. Individual sections may stand alone only when considered in context with the Introduction and the list of all Requirements.
Introduction & Virologic Surveillance Requirements
How to Use the Roadmap
Objectives: Thresholds & Representativeness

Requirements Intent - Complete Requirements Section PDF
A requirement is an essential component of virologic surveillance that is needed to produce reliable results to achieve state and national surveillance goals.  These are functional requirements that can be used to design and build an optimal virologic surveillance system, measure and improve existing systems approaches, focus resources and efficiencies, inform policymakers, and justify national, state and local funding needs.

Implementation Guidance - Complete Implementation Guidance Section PDF
Suggestions and tools to assist state and local PH directors and laboratorians, epidemiologists and influenza surveillance coordinators in operationalizing the Roadmap requirements.

Roadmap Sections By Topic


Sample Size Calculator Tools

The calculators can be used to estimate the desired number of specimens to be tested to ensure adequate confidence in influenza surveillance data and detection of novel viruses. Alternatively, they can be used to demonstrate the level of confidence in the data obtained.

Sampling Requirements Intent
Sampling Implementation Guidance
Appendix A: Surveillance Sampling Process Map
Appendix B: Pre-Calculated Sample Size Tables

Laboratory Testing
Laboratory Testing Requirements Intent
Laboratory Testing Implementation Guidance
Appendix C: Laboratory Methods

Data Management
Data Management Requirements Intent
Data Management Implementation Guidance
Supplemental: Using Alternative Data for Influenza Virologic Surveillance

Partnerships and Communication
Partnerships and Communication Requirements Intent
Partnerships and Communication Implementation Guidance

Quality Management Systems
Quality Management Systems Requirements Intent
Quality Management Systems Implementation Guidance

Surge Capacity for Influenza Surveillance, Novel Event Investigation and Outbreak Events
Surge Requirements Intent
Surge Implementation Guidance

Financial Resources
Financial Resources Requirements Intent
Financial Resources Implementation Guidance
Appendix D: Funding Fact Sheet Template
 – Editable Funding Fact Sheet (Word Document- click "Save As" when prompted)

Additional Appendices
Appendix E: Glossary of Terms & Acronyms
Appendix F: Additional Resources

Additional Right Size Documents and Resources

NEW! Right Size Roadmap Implementation Checklists (PDF Version)

NEW! Right Size Roadmap Implementation Checklists (Excel Version) (Click "Save As" when prompted to open)

Note: The Excel version has more space for notes and allows the user to modify implementation status options.

Roadmap Executive Summary
Right Size Roadmap Launch National Teleconference Presentation Slides
The Influenza Virologic Surveillance Landscape of State and Local Public Health Laboratories - Survey Report

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