APHL offers resources and tools that synthesize, organize and contextualize information collected from member laboratories to help them optimize their operations and management.

Member Resource Center

Find valuable information in one portal where the laboratory community submits and retrieves laboratory-related documents to share with other members.  The MRC includes resources on procedures, lab management, training methods, best practices in hiring, public health research, external communications and more.

A Practical Guide to Moving to a New Site for PHLs: Additional Tips

Relocating a modern public health laboratory is a complex undertaking, which most laboratory professionals will experience only once in their careers. Begin preparing with this comprehensive guide that follows up on the 2012 Practical Guide to Moving to a New Site for APHLs

A Practical Guide to Dealing with Laboratory Floods

This guide is the go-to resource for laboratories experiencing flooding. It outlines how to prepare for a flood, what to do in the midst of flooding, and how to bounce back as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Knowledge Retention Toolkit

Save all important job related details. Someone has to do the job when people are on extended leave, retire or simply move on. This tool helps laboratories capture an employee’s institutional and tacit knowledge to pass on to new hires. The toolkit is also available in a Word version, and Excel version

Research Toolkit

Save time and aim for success in the process of searching for funding or writing research proposals. This tool provides a comprehensive knowledge management resource to support Public Health research efforts and collaborations.

Lab Director Transitions Toolkit

Prepare for a seamless transition with this guide to searching, onboarding and mentoring for new public health laboratory directors and senior staff.

Listservs: State and local public health laboratory directors share best practices, inquire about laboratory issues and share information among their peers with the State Public Health Laboratory Listserv and the Local Public Health Laboratory Listserv For state and local laboratory directors who want to be added to these listservs, contact info@aphl.org to be added to a listserv. Review a complete list of APHL listservs and how to join.

Scientific Posters: Give an overview of APHL knowledge management projects through Informational posters such as the Retention Toolkit poster, Interactive Data Visualizations, Moving a Laboratory, The Community Resource, Research Toolkit poster, History of Data Collection, Management and its Impact on Public Health Laboratories poster and the Knowledge Management Committee poster.

For more information contact, Deborah Kim, MPH Director, Institutional Research, 240.485.2742, deborah.kim@aphl.org