Telling Data's Story via Data Visualization

Summer 2015

​APHL is transforming survey data into stories with data visualization. Using interactive dashboards, association members can select data points and identify patterns that would be difficult to detect on an Excel spreadsheet or pie chart. They can read data more easily, see data gaps instantly and grasp the status of a laboratory program or function quickly. The dashboards also help APHL partners to characterize public health laboratory capacity.

For example, the Public Health Laboratory Testing Dashboard uses 2012 data on testing performed in public health laboratories and trends in meeting core public health laboratory functions to provide a national overview of testing services, individual state testing menus and trends in core functions. Similarly the Member Expertise Dashboard applies member data from a special survey to present the expertise of individual APHL members by category, subcategory, languages spoken and contact information. 

​APHL member laboratories may access the dashboards via this SharePoint site. For more information on data visualization at APHL, visit APHL's institutional research site, or contact Deborah Kim, MPH, director, Institutional Research, 240.485.2742,